Novell Support

With over 15 years experience and professional Novell certifications, our staff have what it takes to support any Novell system. We can boast expert knowledge and expertise in Novell products and areas.

Novell ZenWorks

An award winning product, Novell ZenWorks is the only piece of software on the market that integrates with your Directory, allowing for full Workstation and User control. Everything from Roaming Profiles to Remote Management, Remote Control, Remote Imaging of PC's is included and part of eDirectory.

Novell NetWare

Whether you wish to install a new Novell network or simply upgrade your infrastructure, we are on standby ready to be of assistance. We plan, test and deliver the project to your requirements and budget giving you a well designed and stable platform that meet Novell professional standards. eDirectory design is a speciality of ours and we ensure that a foundation is laid down that is uniform and scalable.

Open Enterprise Server Workgroup Edition

Novell are offering incredibly competitive priced on their Open Workgroup Suite. Licenses for this suite covers your organisation for Novell NetWare, Novel GroupWise and Novell ZenWorks. Ideal if you are a small to medium business as the majority of your infrastructure will be covered. We will then add equally competitive consultancy rates to complete your project.

Novell GroupWise

Ranging from single-server small office environments through to large multi-site organisations, we have the knowledge and extensive experience in Novell GroupWise. Our consultancy services cover all requests.

  • Installations
  • Upgrades
  • Email Migrations - GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange
  • Email Migrations - Microsoft Exchange to GroupWise

Novell Cluster Services

If you are running a larger environment, we can assist by implementing a SAN (Storage Area Network) coupled with Novell Cluster Services. NCS ensures network 99.99% availability. In case of a server failure, services are automatically switched to another working server in the cluster - allowing your network resources to always be available to your users seamlessly.