We provide all the expertise your Microsoft infrastructure needs - inclusing advice on security, performance and availability - to deliver compelling and competitive return, to help move your business up.

OptiNet provide the most effective 24*7 support available, to make sure our customers’ systems stay up when our competitors would otherwise let them down. We also help move our customers’ businesses ‘up’ through painless upgrading, outstanding performance enhancement and expert project management. All delivered with the minimum of fuss and as cost-effectively as possible. The result? Quite simply, our customers feel ‘up’ about the way their systems are being taken care of.

Key offerings

  • Database Healthchecks
  • Database design, upgrades, installations, migrations and consolidations
  • DBAdirect – 24*7 database support
  • Capacity Planning, Database Maintenance & Business Intelligence
OptiNet Microsoft Practice Overview
  • High Availability/Always-on to improve performance while lowering costs
  • Effective DR Plans to fit within your budget and meet your service levels
  • Security including a comprehensive Security Vulnerability Audit and Penetration Testing
  • Performance Tuning transformed from an art into a science to guarantee optimal performance
  • Healthchecks to assess your SQL installation, including service packs, hot fixes and Microsoft® Premier Support escalation
  • Design development and management to meet the demands of your business
  • Licence Optimisation and Management to ensure compliance and save your time and money
  • Enterprise-wide monitoring, controlling, predicting and reporting on databases, applications, infrastructure and integrations.
  • Microsoft Support - SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008.

High Availability that’s Always On...

With our extensive experience of enhancing SQL Server applications, at OptiNet we are expert in ensuring SQL Server can be used as a high-availability platform for databases using the following technologies:

  • Replication and Clustering, including third-party tools
  • Active-Active SQL stretched clusters with seamless automatic client redirection
  • Database Mirroring (SQL Server 2005-2008)
  • Database Snapshots
  • SQL Server Agent Solutions

Whichever version of SQL Server you’re using, with OptiNet as your Microsoft service provider, your requirements, expectations and budgets will always be met.

Disaster Recovery you can rely on

OptiNet specialise in providing Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Recovery (BR) solutions to fit any or all areas of your Microsoft landscape. So whether you’re looking to prevent potential problems – or recover immediately from an actual occurrence – we can provide all the know-how and resource you’ll need. From software-based tools to enterprise-resilient designs – including Log shipping (both enterprise and ad-hoc) – OptiNet can provide everything it takes to protect our clients’ technology, businesses and budgets, allowing you the time (and peace of mind) to focus on what you do best.

Security that recognises the unique threats to Microsoft software

Thanks to its market prevalence, Microsoft technology is often the first to be targeted for security vulnerabilities. That’s why OptiNet provide a range of security services, including a comprehensive Security Vulnerability Audit and Penetration Testing – plus Security Patch Implementation – to protect your entire server infrastructure.

Taking performance up a level

At OptiNet we regard unacceptable performance of our customers’ systems as downtime. That’s why our consultants make it their business to know Microsoft BackOffice/server-based products right down to the internals level, applying that knowledge to resolve your most difficult performance issues. In fact, it’s fair to say we’ve transformed performance tuning from an art into a science – guaranteeing an optimised system to meet your service levels.

Licence Optimisation and Management to save you time and money

Although Microsoft® Licensing is highly cost-effective when compared to most other vendors, with no fewer than three different licensing models to choose from, it can be complex, too. But not if you leave your licensing to OptiNet. Whether you are planning on implementing a new system, adding licences to an existing one, or needing to resolve a licence compliance issue, OptiNet can take care of it all – saving you time, money – and headaches.